Optimum Nutrition : Serious Mass Weight Gainer 5.45kg FREE 317g Micronised Creatine £40.79

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Calorie dense weight gainer with vitamins and minerals


  • Over 1,200 calories in a serving
  • High carbohydrate formula is perfect for the chronically underweight
  • Protein blend ensures sustained delivery of protein throughout the day
  • Easy to digest formula means you can consume more calories through the day compared to a gainer featuring complex carbs
  • Can be used as a post-workout as well as every day use as a weight gainer
  • Creatine and glutamine enhance strength, endurance and recovery from exercise
  • Includes a vitamin and mineral blend to support general health


Serious Mass is a high calorie weight gainer which should be used only by someone seeking rapid weight gains. The high ratio of carbohydrates means that it supplies a lot of energy but that comes with the caveat that if you do not train frequently it will not be a good choice for you. On the other hand for people performing a lot of cardio or with superfast metabolisms, Serious Mass supplies calories in an easily digestible form to make weight gain easy.


Serious Mass should be reserved for phases where you are trying to gain weight quickly and are happy to accept a modicum of fat gain. Outside of bulking phases those who perform high amounts of cardiovascular activity (which depletes carbohydrates more than weight training) will find this a good post-workout choice.


Serious Mass is a gainer which should be used with caution if you are seeking lean mass gains as the overwhelming number of calories and carbs means that unless you are naturally very skinny you may end up gaining too much fat. On the other hand for the kind of person who claims they can never gain weight no matter how much they eat, Serious Mass will be perfect.


Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer 5.4kg (12lb) or 2.72kg (6lb) is a phenomenally popular weight gainer and Optimum’s signature product when it comes to addressing the needs of bodybuilders who struggle to gain weight. 

Why Buy Serious Mass Gainer?

Serious Mass is packed full of carbohdyrates to fuel energy requirements, although the source of them, maltodextrin, may raise eyebrows in the quarters where a low GI carb source is preferred. We disagree because for weight gain maltodextrin will lead to faster gastric emptying which will allow for greater overall calorie intake. Using oats, or similar carbohydrate sources would actually make you feel full faster – the last thing needed for the chronically underweight. It is odd to see some people recommend weight gainers based around oats when oats are also recommended to dieters because they keeo you full for longer!

Time-Released Protein Blend

Serious Mass uses a blend of protein sources including whey and milk protein which is ideal for providing a balanced amino acid profile featuring two protein which release at different rates to the body thereby helping to sustain blood amino acid levels at an elevated level helping prevent a situation where your body sacrifices your own muscle for energy.

Safeguards Health

Rapid weight gain sometimes comes at the expense of a healthy diet so Serious Mass includes a combination of fibre to help aid digestion and a vitamin and mineral blend to ensure that users relying heavily on Serious Mass do not shortchange themselves when it comes to ingesting an adequate amount of micronutrients that support better health.

Enhanced Performance and Recovery

While weight gain is all about eating more calories per day than you break down you still need to gain strength in the gym to ensure that the weight you gain is predominantly muscle. Serious Mass Gainer includes creatine monohydrate, a natural compound found in trace amounts in red meat which has been the subject of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies showing it can increase performance and build muscle. Serious Mass adds in the recovery catalyst glutamine as well as the neurotransmitters choline and inositol which can help with nerve function and cognitive health. 

Optimum Nutrition : Serious Mass Weight Gainer 5.45kg FREE 317g Micronised Creatine £40.79
Optimum Nutrition : Serious Mass Weight Gainer 5.45kg FREE 317g Micronised Creatine £40.79
£40.79 £58.00

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