Scitec Nutrition : 100% Whey Protein 2.3kg + Hot Blood 3.0, Shaker and BCAA £42.98

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Highly popular, fantastic tasting whey protein powder


  • Balanced whey protein blend
  • Faster recovery and muscle growth
  • Very fast digestion makes this perfect for post-workout and anytime you need to get protein to muscles quickly
  • Uses a blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate for a richer amino acid profile
  • Infused with extra muscle building amino acids
  • Great taste and mixability makes this a hugely popular protein choice


Whey Protein Professional is one of the best selling whey proteins available and highly regarded for its premium blend of ultra fast digesting whey isolate and whey concentrate which is rich in whey microfractions beneficial for general immune antioxidant benefits. Whey Protein Professional includes enzymes to help increase protein uptake and thereby boost the rate of muscle recovery yet further. Whey Protein Professional is ideal to rebuild your muscle after exercise.


Whey Protein Professional is best used after training and also any time when you have not eaten for several hours so the protein within it can reach your muscles quickly. As a food source, whey should be used year round regardless of if you are dieting or bulking.


Whey Protein Professional is suitable for all but particularly important to supplement with for anyone whose goals are to boost muscle gain as quickly as possible.

Scitec Nutrition : Hot Blood 3.0 Scitec Nutrition

Creatine based preworkout performance booster


  • Warms up body and mind for peak performance
  • 5-stage creatine blend for strength
  • Antioxidant complex for recovery
  • Caffeine and ALCAR for enhanced mental functioning
  • Amino acid blend for pumps and recovery


Hot Blood 3.0 is a preworkout that combines ingredients shown in research to boost strength and endurance and allies them to a blend of energisers and focus enhancers that help to enhance motivation when training. By warming up body and mind, Hot Blood 3.0 can help you perform better from the first rep to the last.


Hot Blood 3.0 should be reserved for use before workouts. Due to the caffeine content you may not want to take this late at night if that is going to affect your sleep.


Hot Blood 3.0 is suitable for men and women and also a good choice for beginners and those looking for a well balanced preworkout.

Scitec Nutrition Hot Blood 3.0 is a preworkout with an interesting concept behind it by being the first preworkout we can recall which expressly seeks to increase your body heat so that you can perform more effectively in the gymnasium.

The Benefits of Heating Your Body 

When you are seeking to elicit maximal performance from your workout, you will usually find that if you go into the gym cold that it takes a while to reach peak performance. There are two reasons for this; one, your mind may not be sufficiently attuned to the demands of your workout and second, your muscles are not warmed up properly which means they perform less effectively.

Hot Blood 3.0 is designed to get your body warmed up more quickly. It does this by providing you with various ergogenic compounds including five different forms of creatine, a notably effective strength booster, as well as compounds that help you perform for longer such as beta-alanine and  citrulline malate.

Hot Blood 3.0 does not neglect the mental side though. Each serving includes 283mg of caffeine as well as focus enhancers like ALCAR and l-tyrosine, an amino acid which potentiates the effects of caffeine. One scoop of Hot Blood effectively gets your mind in a zone where you are more motivated and capable of performing at peak output more quickly in the workout.

Scitec Nutrition : BCAA Xpress BCAA Supplements Trail servings

High potency recovery drink


  • 5000mg BCAA per serving
  • Contains the scientifically validated 2:1:1 ratio proven in a multitude of studies
  • Strong anabolic (muscle building) and anti-catabolic (reduces muscle loss) effect
  • Reduced muscle soreness is noted in the days after training
  • Replenishes the key amino acids broken down during exercise more quickly than even whey protein
  • Mixes quickly and the taste resembles a fruit squash


BCAA Xpress is a formula with high doses of BCAA providing 5000mg per serving. BCAA XPRESS contains a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine; and because it is mixed with water to make a drink, it can absorb faster than a tablet formula. BCAA’s are critical in modulating muscle growth and recovery so by supplying them to your body they get to work quickly to support performance levels and enhance your fitness gains.


BCAA Xpress can be used before, during and after training. The most important time to take is during training to improve performance by replenishing the amino acids being broken down during exercise as well as to kickstart the recovery process immediately after your session ends. While whey protein is also high in BCAA’s nothing gets to work in your muscles faster than a BCAA drink that does not need to go through the process of having to be converted from protein.


BCAA Xpress can help to improve your performance in any sport and is especially useful during dieting to decrease muscle breakdown.


BCAA Xpress Overview

BCAA Xpress is a pure BCAA 2:1:1 product containing a ratio of 2 parts of the branched chain amino acid Leucine to 1 part each of Isoleucine and Valine. BCAA’s in this ratio have been the subject of an extensive amount of research which have demonstrated their capacity to increase recovery from exercise, limit muscle breakdown, especially when dieting, and to act as an energy substrate during exercise.

BCAA’s Role in the Body

The three branched chain amino acids comprise 35% of the skeletal muscle tissue in humans and are classed as an essential amino acid meaning they need to be supplied by your diet. While many protein rich foods such as whey protein, meats and eggs contain BCAA’s, by consuming them in a liquid form as in BCAA Xpress they get to work more quickly to replenish BCAA’s lost during exercise and to promote faster muscle recovery after a workout has concluded.

In our view their most important use is when dieting where research has shown that users of BCAA supplements are capable of retaining a greater amount of muscle and to lose more fat than a placebo group. 

While many famous strength coaches and athletes swearing by high doses of BCAA’s daily their most important use is in the period before, during and after training.

Scitec Nutrition : Scitec TR Shaker Shakers Bottles And Mixer

Convenient secure shaker


  • Made from quality, durable plastic
  • Secure & leak-free
  • Convenient & lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • 500ml capacity

Scitec Nutrition : 100% Whey Protein 2.3kg + Hot Blood 3.0, Shaker and BCAA £42.98
Scitec Nutrition : 100% Whey Protein 2.3kg + Hot Blood 3.0, Shaker and BCAA £42.98
£42.98 £60.00

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