NAAMA studios Tattoo Removal

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NAAMA Studios

We offer revolutionised tattoo removal that is fast, gentle, precise and skin-safe with best in class technology. That means less pain, no skin damage and the ability to have more frequent treatments for a quicker removal—we’re talking within months instead of years. Our holistic and personalised approach to treatment delivers exceptional care and service in a luxurious environment. 

What is the NAAMA difference?

Breakthrough technology 

Not all lasers are created equal. Selecting the most advanced laser treatment to remove your tattoo is critical in achieving successful removal. Our patented LightSense technology is more advanced than anything else on the market. Developed at Princeton University, we’ve spent a decade making it the world’s best. Only available at NAAMA, the LightSense laser system removes tattoos quickly with no skin damage.

Skin expertise with a holistic, body-positive approach

Love your tattoos - or let them go. Live fully, never regret. We offer personalised treatment plans devised by our team of tattoo removal experts. Specialist care delivered by our expert team of dermatologists and consultants. 

Rapid removal

We fade ink. Fast. Our low energy laser system reduces any chance of damage which allows for more regular treatments and quicker results.

No downtime

Our skinsafe technology allows us to treat all skin types in as little as every 1-3 weeks with no downtime between treatments.

All ink colours

With expertise in colour as well as black tattoos, our unique laser system deploys different treatments depending on the colour spectrum of your tattoo.  

The LightSense laser system is the only system in the world using a 800nm wavelength laser which is superior at removing coloured ink. This laser is unrivalled in its operation, utilising both thermal and acoustic energies to effectively target and destroy ink pigment with no skin damage.

Our USP's

All skin types

Our unique technology makes it possible to treat all skin types.  We will work with you to evaluate the best course of treatment tailored to your skin, your tattoo and your desired result.

All tattoo styles

We designed our lasers to be effective in treating all styles of tattoo, great and small.  The precision of our laser means we can treat intricate tattoos with extreme care and exact direction; perfect for partial removals.

No lasting damage

The LightSense Laser System is significantly kinder to the skin and causes no lasting skin damage. We use lower energy in tandem with small, precise laser spots; the LightSense laser spot is 5 times smaller than the smallest Picosure laser spot. This is why clients can have treatments more frequently with NAAMA, on average every 2-3 weeks versus the advised 2-3 months with Picosure and Picoway.

Relatively painless

Pulsing up to 1,000 times a second, LightSense lasers operate at a rate that is 100 times faster than PicoSure and Picoway. This is one of the reasons why treatment with NAAMA is relatively painless versus other, older technologies.

Exemplary aftercare

We apply medical grade dressings after each treatment and guide you through the healing process, from skincare recommendations to lymphatic massage.