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Training Gear SIXPAD – Train Anytime Anywhere

Born in Japan, SIXPAD is a series of muscle training devices featuring cutting edge electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology. SIXPAD lets you train anytime anywhere with our comfort, discreet and stylish devices, and get closer to achieving your personal health and fitness goals.

The EMS technology featured in the products is focused around three points:

  • Unique 20Hz frequency proven to be most effective for muscle training.
  • Interval training programme installed, based on the world’s renowned football player Cristiano Ronaldo’s training.
  • Our company’s extensive research and development who worked in making the product as safe, easy to use, and visually appealing.

With extensive recognition in the East Asian market and over a million units sold in just the first year after release, SIXPAD is market leader in the field of electrical muscle stimulation for training.