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Sweet Cures is one of the world’s leading natural health supplement manufacturers and retailers, supplying a range of only the purest products with no unwanted excipients, binders or fillers.

Sweet Cures has created award winning brands such as Waterfall D-Mannose®, High Energy D Ribose (HEDR®) and Organic Wild Oregano Oil (C80). Our product range covers everything from bladder health, weight loss, essential oils, probiotics, urine testing to general all round health. The Sweet Cures brand epitomises quality and that shows in everything we do, from award winning products and biodegradable packaging to our dedicated customer service team.

With over 17 years of experience in this specialist field, Sweet Cures leads the way in the supply and distribution of glyconutrients and rare sugars. 

Sweet Cures’ products are suitable for all ages and even pets.