Super Immunity Bundle £19.99

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Stock up and keep your immune system fighting fit with this Super Immunity Bundle! Designed specifically to support your immune system to ensure you’re always operating at your best.

Featuring a selection of the best selling vitamins and minerals, including a 250g pouch of Super Greens, Pure Performance Multivitamins, Vitamin D3, and Immunity Vitamin C & Zinc.

Super Greens

Super Greens (Any Flavour | 250g)

Supergreens powder is packed full of the very finest super-food ingredients and is an ideal way to get a nutrient boost that can help support your immune system.

Each of the vast array of plant-based active ingredients in Supergreens has been included at its optimal amount based on the latest scientific research and formulated by our team of nutritionists.

Ultra convenient and great tasting to consume on the go, simply scoop into a TPW™ shaker with water, shake and you’ve got some epic flavours to enjoy. Your greens never tasted so good!

Pure Performance Multivitamins (60 Capsules)

Performance Multivitamin is a blend of the finest vitamins and minerals to support the body’s immunity and overall well-being.

It contains 25 individual ingredients that each play an important role in supporting the body’s metabolism, immune system and maintaining overall healthy biological functions.

24/7 Super Multivitamin
Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 Tablets (180 Capsules)

Vitamin D3 is a naturally occurring vitamin created by the body during exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D synthesis from sun exposure is responsible for the majority of vitamin D ‘intake’ in the body. It is therefore recommended that during winter months, where sunlight exposure is limited, supplementation is necessary in order to compensate for limited D3 production from sunlight and meet recommended levels .

There are two types of vitamin D, D2 and D3. Whilst D2 is produced by plants and can be consumed through diet, D3 is available in very few foods but can be synthesised through the skin. Vitamin D3 can be found in foods such as oily fish, milk and eggs although meeting your daily requirements solely through diet is almost impossible.

Immunity Vitamin C & Zinc (60 Capsules)

Immunity Vitamin C & Zinc is a convenient, once a day, unique blend of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts designed to keep the body fit and healthy and protect against infections, making sure you’re always operating at your best.

Simple and easy to swallow, our Immunity Vitamin & Zinc pills are the perfect addition to your supplement routine to ensure your immune system is fired up and primed for the day ahead.

Zinc & Magnesium
Super Immunity Bundle £19.99
Super Immunity Bundle £19.99
£19.99 £47.96

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