USN : Muscle Fuel Anabolic Muscle Gain Shake Powder + FREE Creatine Powder 200g & £26 worth of Blue Lab Whey £43.98

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Muscle Fuel Anabolic Weight Gainer was the first in what is now a well trodden road, namely the weight gainer category designed to bridge the gap between all-in-ones (which contain a wide array of ingredients and a high protein to carb ratio) and weight gainers (no extra ingredients and more carbs than protein. At heart, Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a product designed to enhance muscle growth from every angle. It has been reformulated recently so check the flavour to see the version stocked.

Why Buy USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic Mass Gainer?

Without sufficient protein no amount of training will build muscle so for any product designed to maximise anabolic processes protein is the first thing to include. Muscle Fuel Anabolic Weight Gainer provides 50g of protein in each serving which comes from a blend of whey, milk and soy protein. Whey and milk are both rich in essential amino acids which promote recovery. Soy is extremely high in protein percentage and while some people have knocked it as a source of protein research has shown a combination of whey and soy was actually superior to whey in one study.

Carbohydrates to Fuel Performance and Recovery

Protein by itself is not sufficient to build muscle. Indeed if you only eat protein and nothing else than your body becomes very skilled at converting the protein into glucose and used as a fuel to provide energy to the body. This makes for a very inefficient process, not to mention an expensive waste of protein. Muscle Fuel Anabolic provides a generous 78 grams of protein per serving. This is a good level to help fuel exercise performance and aid in recovery after a workout but not so much that you end up getting fat.

Muscle Fuel Anabolic Ingredients

The all-in-one aspect of Muscle Fuel Anabolic comes from the inclusion of what USN have termed the Hyperbolic Stack. What this means in practice is that USN have added in various nutritional ingredients which have supporting research attesting to their ability to aid performance or recovery in people. 

Creatine – Two forms are included to boost power output and strength. Creatine is the most researched ergogenic of all with it being shown to not just boost physical strength but even improve cognitive skills. It works by helping your body to replenish levels of ATP and thereby enables you to perform better during high intensity exercise.

Beta-Alanine – A new addition for Muscle Fuel Anabolic, included in its recently improved new formula, Beta-Alanine helps you buffer lactic acid making it ideal to help delay the dreaded burn and enabling you to lift for more reps during medium to high rep exercises.

Glutamine – Helps support immunity and recovery. Although Glutamine is found in abundance in most diets your body’s requirements for Glutamine increases massively during exercise and with suppressed Glutamine levels being associated with muscle loss as well as poor immunity, Glutamins’s inclusion in Muscle Fuel Anabolic makes obvious sense.

HMB – Recovery enhancer which helps build more muscle if training hard. HMB is particularly valuable for those who perform a lot of exercise, it seems to work better the more you train.

BCAAs – Critical for triggering an anabolic cascade that leads to muscle growth, BCAA’s are the most important amino acids when it comes to building muscle and strength.

When we look at Muscle Fuel Anabolic, we can see that it does the job of a weight gainer better than traditional weight gainers by including more protein and less carbs than most weight gainers. Indeed it is as a weight gainer that it is best used given the fact that for an complete protein, performance and recovery supplement it is lacking in performance enhancers when compared to the likes of Quantum.


Muscle Fuel Anabolic flavours for sale in our shop:

  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Caramel Popcorn
  • Caramel Peanut Butter
USN : Muscle Fuel Anabolic Muscle Gain Shake Powder + FREE Creatine Powder 200g & £26 worth of Blue Lab Whey £43.98
USN : Muscle Fuel Anabolic Muscle Gain Shake Powder + FREE Creatine Powder 200g & £26 worth of Blue Lab Whey £43.98
£43.98 £59.99

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